"Carolyn is the best at what she does!!!! Responsive and gets projects completed fast!!!”
Paula Lacobar

I find it difficult to put into words how pleasantly surprised I was when I first started working with Carolyn. I was reading the testimonials on her Web site to make sure I didn’t repeat what everyone else was saying about her, her work and her work ethic, but that’s hard to do. Everyone Carolyn works with is so pleased and for all the same reasons. Carolyn is very easy to work with, creative, quick, and produces quality work. With very little communications, Carolyn was able to design a book cover for me that was perfect! She is always willing to make minor changes and completes them almost before I finish hitting enter to send an e-mail. Working with Carolyn has been a pleasure and I’m certain I will be working with her again.

Gary Slavin, Plan Your Success​
"Excellent service”
Harold Hill
"THE BEST!!!!”
Elaine Gibson
"She's incredible.”
Brenda Epperson

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"Great job, very responsive.”
Denver Adventures, LLC

Carolyn is a delight to work with and wonderfully creative. She has taken my disjointed ideas and plans and created a website that is both beautiful and functional as well as a true reflection of me.

Marie Maddox
"Honest, attentive, caring, responsive.”
Alfred Ricci
"Timely, effective, pleasant”
Eric Rosen
"She’s the best! And very organized.”
Ellen Violette

"Carolyn has really got to know me and understand the specific needs of my business rather than making me fit with what she does, this is exactly what I needed. I trust her with my work 100% and feel so much better having her on board supporting me with my work. Highly recommend her to anyone.”

Nancy Desjardins

Carolyn is responsive, creative, accurate and reliable – just who you want to work with when pulling your content together in a visually appealing style!

Lynda Carter
"Always does amazing work!!!”
Kimmoly K. LaBoo
"Carolyn is simply the best.”
Top Practices
"She is amazing! Fast & reliable.”
Jessica Lynn Design
"Carolyn is a phenomenal graphic designer. She understands the vision of my projects both professional and personal. Her editing capability is quick and she works in a collaborative space! We love her work!!! I would highly recommend Carolyn!"
Nicole Davis

"Carolyn is prompt, professional, and creative. I have done 3 projects all that Carolyn have created for me. Now I’m working on my 4th project, knowing that Carolyn will once again deliver great work.”

Kashaun Cooper
"Carolyn is wonderful!”
Mia Redrick
"Awesome work!”
Brandy Gillmore
"Great response!”
Borghild Bø

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"Carolyn is highly creative and pays particular attention to the client’s specs and branding. I greatly value her servicing as it is very reliable and timely. I have recommended her several times already and would never hesitate to do so.”
Tassey Russo

"Carolyn is a truly gifted graphic artist and a very professional business person ( a rare combination for sure). She’s exceeded all my expectations on every level and I am grateful to have found her! She’s super fast and on point, any revisions are not a problem - no matter how many times I have changed something she’s never expressed any frustration (unlike other designers have in the past) I strongly recommend her!”

Trinity Publishing Company, LLC.
"She is awesome! Great work ethic, great finished product. She is the best!”
Theresa Royal Brown
"I always get fabulous service from Carolyn. I can really count on her!”
Virtual Solutions 4 You
"Carolyn does outstanding work, is timely, accurate & has answers to all my questions.”
Susan Trivers

"Working with Carolyn was a pleasurable experience! She is a very creative designer with a wonderful work ethic. We are very pleased with her work. She did a great job with designing our catalog and direct mail pieces within a very limited time frame. She was extremely responsive and punctual during all correspondences. We thought that it would be impossible to finish all of our creative projects in such a very short period of time allowed for our most important trade event of the year. Thank you Carolyn! We are looking forward to working with you in the future."

Kasia Chapple, Caldo-Freddo Dinnerware

"I have been working with Carolyn for several years now on different projects. She is very professional always whiling to make as many changes as needed to satisfy her clients. She is quick in responding and does a great design work. Looking forward to working with Carolyn on my future projects.”

Brigitte Rozenberg
"Simply Awesome for over a decade!!!!"
Steve Keough
"She's awesome and efficient.”
Franco Estate
"Prompt, polite service”
Kurt O’Keefe

“She was reasonably priced, talented, and skilled at what she provides. I am happy with my end product. She responds quickly and is effective with the product that she provides. I would use her in the future and probably will again, whenever I finish my next novel. I am happy with my end product and that is what I paid for. ^-^”
— Hillary Van Ness

“Easy and fast.”
— Mandi Freger

“She is fast and does great work. I will continue to work with her as I have been for the past 8 years”
— Barrett Matthews

“I first came to Carolyn with only a little bit of an idea of what I wanted, and she transformed that idea into a beautiful website! She’s pleasant to work with, efficient, and very creative!”
— Pam Gossiaux

“She made me a great Promo Sheet for my upcoming book! Lisa Tahir”
— Lisa Tahir

“Professional, accessible, knows what she’s doing and does beautiful work! What more could you ask for?”
— Enod Gray

“Carolyn is an awesome designer. She works quickly, has great communication skills with me, the client. I love her work and she’s priced competitively. I’ve used her several times and look forward to using her on my next project.”
— The Bird Commission

“My experience with Carolyn was outstanding. She is incredibly easy to work with. My website looks fabulous and exactly what I dreamed of. She helped discover or create solutions for complex problems that we encountered. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to build their own custom website!”
— Brett Levine

“She is amazing and so creative with her ideas and her turnaround is awesome.”
— Sharon Benson

“Her turn around time is quick. Her customer attention is awesome. Her delivery is fast and her communication is on time.”
— Sean McCullough

“Carolyn was great to work with and I was very pleased with her work. I will definitely use her again.”
— Tamar Duran

“Carolyn is very strong in her technical skills, she is prompt and her prices are very reasonable. She is well informed and pleasant to work with.”
— Suzanne Rosetti

“Carolyn provided me with many different versions of what I was looking for and responded quickly to my requests for revisions. She made me a beautiful business card! Thank you!”
— Zeshan Usman

“Her follow up is impeccable and she is friendly and considerate. Love her talent and creativity.”
— Johanne Edwards

“Carolyn is great! Fast, talented, and reliable.”
— Bonnie Rich

“Carolyn was excellent to work with. She is talented, creative and super easy to communicate with. Loved working with her.”
— Disaster Relief At Work

“Carolyn does great work at a very reasonable price”
— George Rose

“Quick, fast, efficient.”
— Elizabeth Wilson

“Very attentive to detail and responsive to needs. Is resourceful and has a great eye for design. Knows how to translate ideas into websites that work well.”
— Karen Long

“I highly recommend Carolyn; she’s a pleasure to work with, skillful, fast and good to communicate with.”
— Nadia Colburn

“Responsive and quality work. Team player”
— Steve Warner

“Carolyn delivers amazing designs with fast, efficient service…a rare combination in today’s world!”
— David Boufford

“Fantastic work!”
— Colin Ryan

“Excellent quality work. Always timely. Long-time client – 5-to-8 years? Very fair rates. Communicates clearly.”
— Sylvia Henderson

“I’ve worked with Carolyn for years and she never let’s me down with her amazing ability to come up with a beautiful design.”
— TGI Direct

“Great work, customer services and response time!”
— Frances J. Harvey, C.P.C

“Carolyn is timely and creative. Her work always meets our expectation.”
— Greater Flint Arts Council

“Carolyn was wonderful & working with her was a pleasure.”
— Dierdre Paul

“Carolyn is amazing at what she does, love her work!”
— Integrated General Counsel

“Carolyn, has been a delight to work with and her work has been exceptional. I will be using her again.”
— Maureen Kyne

“Carolyn is AMAZING! So creative, efficient, and FAST! I love working with her and now refer her to everyone I know.”
— Laura Swan

“Carolyn is an amazing artist and designer. I have used her services for several years and she always does a great job in a timely manner.”
— Eric Patrick

“Professional. Speedy, Helpful and great to work with!!”
— Becca Tabon

“Always delivers projects on time. Follows instructions and also makes decisions on her own that makes the projects run smoother.”
— Al Granger

“Efficient, great work, timely response, gets things done quickly”
— Joie Cheng

“Prompt, professional service. Accepts telephone transactions. Patience with the moderately skilled computer user. Glad I found her!”
— Nancy Jackson

“She’s simply the best!”
— Glenn K. Garnes

“She does wonderful work for all my businesses.”
— Law Offices of Vaughan de Kirby

“Carolyn is a joy to work with. Always welcoming, always timely. And she does great work!”
— Jill Hendrickson

“She da bomb.”
— Color & Market

“Carolyn Sheltraw is a brilliant graphic designer. I intend to refer a tremendous amount of business to her.”
— Randy Peyser

“I have worked with Carolyn for the past 5 years and I love how well she understands what I need and works in a timely matter to get things to me as soon as possible.”
— Tracy Neely

“Carolyn does fabulous work at a great price! I’m very happy.”
— Rebecca Massoud

“Carolyn is the best of the best in website design. She is also a wonderful woman! I recommend her highly!”
— Richard J. Levy, ThoughtsMakeYouWealthy.com

“Took my vague idea and transformed it into a beautiful book!”
— Jen Brown

“She is efficient, super easy to work with and has very reasonable rates!”
— Jodean Petersen

“She’s responsive, creative and so easy to work with!”
— Lotus Point Wellness, Inc.

“Great service and amazing value for money”
— Jacquie Somerville

“Reasonable pricing and fast turnaround. Talented designer!”
— Linda Alexander

“Carolyn is professional, timely, and always has a knack for filling in the blanks on projects where I need a little help. She is always a pleasure to work with!”
— DeAnna Kane

“always does great wook. More work to follow”
— Protector Window and Door

“I appreciate how prompt Carolyn is in responding, especially to time sensitive situations.”
— Cheryl Brewster

“Excellent service. Quality results. Extremely fair pricing. I refer Carolyn constantly!”
— Sylvia Henderson

“It’s a pleasure to work with Carolyn because she is amazing with customer service. In this day and age too many people ignore the basics of treating your clients like VIPs. I always feel like I’m her ONLY client. She instantly responds to my requests and lets me know when we can connect if there are any reasons for clarification. I LOVE working with her!”
— Yvonne Larson

“Excellent work. Delivered on time and on budget.”
— Margaret Johnson

“She is the best!”
— Ken Rochon

“She is awesome and comes through with flying colors every single time.”
— Simona Ksoll

“She’s a great designer, she’s fast and she’s easy to work with. :)”
— Lisa Rose

“Carolyn Sheltraw is wonderful to work with. She is extremely professional; listens to what I want and gives me options to choose from. She is patient and does what she needs to do in order to over-deliver to me. I love working with her and I would and have recommended her to several colleagues.”
— Emmy Vickers

“She did a great job on a complex assignment!”
— Law Offices of Vaughan de Kirby

“She is creative, reliable, efficient, and extremely easy to work with. Great collaborator.”
— Maria Escobar

“Always prompt, great work, and really easy to work with.”
— Mike Ellis

“Carolyn is a terrific graphic artist, plus quick turn times and very reasonable fees”
— Rico Alexander

“so good and quick”
— Christine Esters

“Carolyn is wonderful to work with. She has been very prompt and professional with all of my projects.”
— Marsha Heydtmars

“She is excellent at what she does and has a very fast response”
— Barrett Matthews

— Tamlyn Franklin

“Always reliable!!! With great results!!!”
— Ron Mohl

“She is fantastic”
— Jim Groninger

“Great work as always Carolyn.”
— Gina DeVee

“Carolyn is very efficient and pleasant to work with!”
— Kathi Donnelly

“She is Awesome”
— Susan Trivers

“Carolyn is creative, professional and prompt. She works hard to solve problems, if any crop up. She gets things done, and done very well!”
— Diane MacEachern

“Carolyn was extremely helpful and professional and did a beautiful job reworking my blog. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks so much for all your help!”
— Angela Kent

“all good”
— Yvan Desjardins

“Talented, customer oriented, quality work, great turn around!!”
— Renee Canali

“She rocks and is very responsive.”
— Denver Adventures, LLC

“Great work!”
— Law Offices of Vaughan de Kirby

“Excellent to work with. Quick response time always. Great person!!”
— Belle Kohen

“She is the most responsive, amazing designer I know!”
— Sue Ann Gleason

“Excellent work”
— Paula Lacobara

“Carolyn did an excellent job for us on a project with a very quick turnaround. Much appreciated!”
— Rachel Parker

“She responds to work requests timely with excellent design and even emergency requests are accommodated without excuse. I will be a lifetime customer of Carolyn Sheltraw.”
— Doris Gothard

“Because Carolyn is always fast, always professional, always proficient and a class act! I adore her!”
— Theresa Royal Brown

“She is good at what she does and a joy to work with!”
— Anne Palmer

“Carolyn is a very dedicated and very hard working. She understands the need of her clients and stop at nothing to do her very best in completing the job regardless of how large or small.”
— Verna Lambert

“Carolyn was great to work with and we would highly recommend her!!”
— Dharma Girls

“Great service”
— Daniel Upchurch

“Trustworthy, dependable, and great work!”
— Deborah Howell

“She is awesome and professional. I love working with her”
— Nicole Arnold

“Carolyn’s work is superb!”
— Toni Hatton

“Very convenient”
— Albert Schadewald

“Dear Carolyn – Your quality service is prompt & accurate. Thank you for what you’ve done for me. I look forward to doing more with you.”
— Larry Freeborg

“You are wonderful. Working on compiling Phase II stuff and will get back to you shortly. Take care. Echo”
— Echo Allen

“Super fast and very good!”
— Jeff Kelly

— Robert Winter

“Carolyn is very responsive and great at what she does.”
— Cheree Warrick

“Because she is thorough, she accepts everything that’s needed beautifully and exceeds my expectations every time!”
— Lorna Sophocleous

“Carolyn is one of the easiest people in the world to work with. Very helpful, very hard working and very fast. I have never once asked her for help with a project, a deadline or timeframe that she has said ‘no’ to and I’ve worked with her for about 3 years on a lot of projects. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a solid graphics person.”
— Alie Simpkins

“Carolyn is your virtual internet assistance with communications and graphic skills to assist with a variety of media projects. ”
— KimMarie Patey

“Carolyn is a great designer and also great at figuring out the technical side of websites.”
— Lisa Rose

“Efficient and did a great job!”
— Susan Orlins

“She’s awesome! Gets things done in a timely way and creates great quality work.”
— Priya Bains

“Carolyn takes on a task with efficiency and expertise, which takes the stress totally away from me. I know I can count on her! Thanks so much Carolyn!”
— Maureen Caley-Verdonk

“Love her! Amazing!”
— Roxana Branigan

“Carolyn is very response, makes time to do the right job, and delivers quality service.”
— Denver Adventures, LLC

“She does great work quickly and is fun to work with!”
— Lisa Ridgley

“Excellent design work: professional, resourceful, and creative. We’ve worked with Carolyn on over a dozen projects and have always been very pleased with the results.”
— Clavis Sinica

“Carolyn is creative, responsive, and very reliable.”
— Anita Marchesani

“Fast Affordable Professional Talented”
— Lane Cobb

“Best graphic designer ever!”
— Kimberly Brannan

“Because Carolyn is just plain awesome. She GETS it, she does the work fast, and she does it well.”
— Suzannah Baum

“Quick, professional, affordable, and produced exactly what we wanted right away. Very little back and forth. Highly recommend Carolyn. :)”
— Spence Pentland

“Carolyn has been awesome to work with. She will take your ideas and add her personal touches if you choose or just turn her loose and let her work her magic.”
— Shelly Rowe

“Awesome job as usual”
— Gina DeVee

“I’ve worked with a lot of graphics people over the years. None of them has been a talented and enjoyable to work with as Carolyn Sheltraw.”
— Glenn K. Garnes

“Carolyn is beautiful person first and foremost, who transforms this beauty into her work. She is honest, quick, very supportive and extremely professional. I am blessed to have worked and continue to work with her. Elijana Isacs”
— Ellie Isacs

“Carolyn does quality work, is creative and is very responsive and timely.”
— Renee Canali

“She is fast, affordable, and does great work.”
— Mary Bacon

“Great to work with.”
— Tawanna Browne Smith

“She is a professional kick-butt graphic artist.”
— Jackie Mae

“Very reliable, great work and service.”
— Tracy Neely

— Abdutty Moidunny

“She is quick, efficient and great graphic qualities”
— Christine Esters

“Talented. Knowledgeable. On time.”
— Lane Cobb

“Carolyn is a joy to work with. Her calm, steady demeanor reassures me that what work will get done. She is always professional and pleasant. I feel like there is a mutual respect for our collective talents–she is a great partner to have on the team.”
— Anne Palmer

“Carolyn ROCKS!!!”
— Lisa Steadman

“I love her!”
— Sandra James

“Carolyn is great. She has produced 3 websites for me and I’m very happy.”
— Cheree Warrick

“Excellent, prompt, and reasonable”
— David Piper

“Very quick turn around, great art ideas and reasonably priced. A no-hassle positive experience.”
— Johanne Edwards

“Carolyn is amazing! She is part of my core team for my business. She gets the work done flawlessly and on time.”
— Keri Newell (CMWM)

“Because she is awesome!”
— Gina DeVee

“Love the work Carolyn does!” 
— sandy@weddingsbysandy.com

“She is stand out and outstanding!”
— Sue Ann Gleason

“She is an INCREDIBLE graphic artist, so pleasant to work with, FAST and efficient. Need I say more?!”
— Yvonne Larson

“Carolyn Sheltraw listens carefully to her clients’ needs and goes the distance to make sure that things are completed in line with her clients’ expectations.”
— Biteena Frazier

“Talented! Helps me bring my ideas to life. Organized, efficient, patient…”
— Deborah Howell

“Carolyn is extremly talented, friendly, professional, fast, very easy to work with; she gets it! I highly recommend her services. I could go on for hours! She gets a 10000000000!!! 10 isn’t enough!”
— Samantha Andre

“Her extreme professionalism and awesome design.”
— Lorna Sophocleous

“Carolyn ROCKS!!!! Amazing design work. Awesome to work with. Love you!!”
— Lisa Steadman

“She does excellent work, she is patient and professional and has reasonable and fair prices.”
— Michelle Mendoza

“Carolyn has incredible creative and artist abilities! She always responds quickly and is very professional. She was referred to me and I would highly recommend her as well. Thank you Carolyn, for your quality graphics and professional services.”
— KimMarie Patey, AP @ www.ahealingarts.com

“Carolyn does a great job in a timely manner and never disappoints!”
— Claire Barnes

“All of Carolyn’s work was done in a timely fashion and she is a professional at what she does. I would recommend her to anyone I know. Thanks, Carolyn!”
— Belle Kohen

“Excellent work and great patience. I’m very appreciative of her quality work for a great price.”
— Toy Parker

“She is awesome, hardworking, and super creative!”
— Nicole Arnold

“She always delivers.”
— Dee Marshall

“The Graphic Designs were very well done and very colorful.”
— Arlene Spann

“She is great at what she does, she is reliable, and after a little bit of input, she takes your vision and creates a reality. I’ve also referred her to a few of my clients and they have all used her multiple times.”
— Alanna Levenson

“great work!”
— Jeff Kelly

“Great work!”
— Giovanna Capozza

“Carolyn Sheltraw is an Excellent Designer/Entrepreneur! Her work, patience, and expertise is displayed in her delivery! Thank you Carolyn!”
— Toni Hatton

“She get’s the work done, she’s easy to communicate with, she’s flexible in her working style, and she can capture the essence of a brand.”
— Priya Bains

“Carolyn in s a pleasure to work with on any design project. She is quick, creative, and always aims to please, dedicated to delivering exactly what I’m looking for.”
— Tawanna Browne Smith

“Quick, thorough, easy to work with”
— Jill Hendrickson

“Carolyn’s my go-to graphics person. She’s prompt, responsive, creative and overall a top-notch professional.”
— Jay S. Fleischman – Shaev & Fleischman

“Carolyn is intuitive, expedient and very creative. She is also professional and extremely reasonable.”
— Renee Canali

“Carolyn is amazing. She will work with your ideas and show options that exceed your expectations”
— Shelly Rowe

“Carolyn was a pleasure to work with, timely, professional, and did great work.”
— Julie Blue

“Carolyn is the best! Simply fantastic! I am lucky to work with her.”
— Doris Gothard

“Carolyn is a joy to work with. She is committed to doing quality work and always delivers on time.”
— Anne Palmer

“She did an awesome job”
— Paula Lacobara

“Awesome work!!”
— Carl Powell

“She’s awesome.”
— Cheree Warrick

“Outstanding work!! Prices great!!! Reliable!!! Richard Levy ThoughtsMakeYouWealthy.com”
— Richard Levy

“She’s the best of the best!”
— Sandra James

“You are great!”
— Tassey Russo

“Carolyn is a very talanted graphic artist who is always prompt with her jobs and highly professional. I recommend her to anyone needing graphic work.”
— Rico Alexander

“She is simply one of the best contractors that I have worked with. Her timely response and attention to detail is commendable.”
— Verna Lambert

“Carolyn is so helpful, she takes information and makes it come alive! I have really appreciated working with Carolyn and feel like in a very short time she has helped me take my business to the next level of professionalism. Thank You!”
— Maureen Caley-Verdonk

“She’s fast, reliable, does professional work, and ‘gets’ it. A pleasure to work with.”
— Suzannah Baum

“Simply the best!”
— Glenn K. Garnes

“Carolyn understands exactly what I need and gets it done in a timely manner. She’s a team player and a joy to work with!”
— Keri Newell (CMWM)

“Carolyn is reliable, conscientious, consistent and always so very pleasant to work with. I consider he my right-hand woman!”
— Sue Ann Gleason

“Carolyn combines an incredible knowledge of graphic and web design, as well as the ability to bridge strategic guidance with efficient and excellent execution. She’s got a wonderful energy and is a fun and valued part of our team. I don’t know how I’d have completed my website, book, branding images, and countless other materials, without her support and guidance.”
— Tana Heminsley

“Carolyn is extremely creative, efficient, and responsive. I look forward to using her wonderful services frequently in the future!”
— Anita Marchesani

“I’ve heard from others how great you are, too. I just wanted to say “thank you” for being who you are and working the way you work. You’ve enhanced my reputation with your reputation.   :o)” 

— Sylvia Henderson, Idea Strategist, Idea Success Network

“Carolyn Sheltraw does amazing work and if you are in need of a creative graphic artist with cutting-edge ideas, then look no further!  She is extremely professional, visionary, easy to work with and simply does high-quality work.” 
— Christian Aurand, Founder, Blueprint Basketball

“LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! OK, Gathering my composure! Looks PHENOMENAL as ALWAYS! You know I’m including you in the book right as a formatter and book cover designer!” 
— Shanon Nelson, Entrepreneur

“Carolyn is remarkable at what she does. Carolyn designed the front and back cover for me 6 months ago for my first published book and she did such a great job! Since then I asked her to design a new website for me which again, she did me proud and did an incredible job. She pays attention to detail and get’s the work done efficiently and professionally. Hopefully when I am ready for my next book to go into print, Carolyn will find the time in her schedule to design yet again, another book cover. I would have no hesitation in recommending Carolyn for any book design or web development that you might need. It is refreshing to work with somebody who follows through with your dreams and has an approachable manner!” 
— Claire Barnes, The British Aestheticians Guide to Waxing The Twigs and Berries

“I wanted to personally thank you so much for the incredible job you did on the cover. Every time I look at the cover, a huge mix of emotions come over me. You captured exactly what I wanted to say to people when they look at the book. I cry when I look at it…because that woman is me……I don’t know if you have read the book or not, but I would love to send you a copy. It would be an honor if you read it. I can never thank you enough for your insight and talent. You are the best. Thank you with all of my heart, Carolyn.” 
— Kris Ochoa-Keane, Avalanche: Lessons of Love

“It’s hard to articulate just how important Carolyn has been to my business. My company handles marketing for law firms around the country, and as such, there often are times when we need a project turned around very quickly because of a deadline or important event. Not only does Carolyn work incredibly fast (honestly, I’m not sure how she does the amount of work she does!), but the quality of her work is absolutely top-notch as well. She’s also very intuitive and seemingly never fails to deliver ads, graphics, layouts, etc., that are exactly in line with the notes or ideas that I’ve drafted. In addition, Carolyn is extremely conscientious and responsive. She’s just been a pleasure with which to work, and she has my highest recommendation. You will not find a finer graphic artist.” 
— Sean Mulcahy, Owner, Virtual Marketing Director • Cedar Creek Marketing Vincentown, NJ • www.CedarCreekMarketing.com

“The cover is exactly what I envisioned. I love it!” 
— Becca Gaines Archer, We Choose

“I’m so happy to have found Carolyn. I’m a new publisher and was looking for someone whose work I could count on and she hit the mark perfectly, putting in hours and hours to hunt down obscure fonts. She’s smart, responsive and reliable.” 
— Tom Thumb, The Road Junky

“I’ve been an entrepreneur for close to a decade. Being in business for myself means that I come across a lot of riffraff in life as well as great keepers. Carolyn is a great keeper. She is prompt and responsive. She is creative and resourceful and I’m very grateful to have found her. She rocks!” 
— Your Tea Guy, Gene Yau, www.asianteadepot.com

“Our company is so fortunate to have Carolyn as our graphic designer. What a find! Not only does she create amazing flyers and brochures, she made the final layout of our book a breeze. She had beautiful ideas that added the special touches we needed!” 
— Keri Newell, Communication Magic with Men

“I love the book layout. You are a terrific pro.” 
— excerpt from Time for mom-Me, Mia Redrick

“Your patience, editing, and comments were truly appreciated.” 
— excerpt from Don’t Be Afraid: He’s Preparing You, Toni Hatton

— Marcy Cole, First Tuesday

“Carolyn Sheltraw is a gifted designer with amazing instincts! Her ability to interpret the emotional aspects of content into design aesthetics is remarkable.” 
— Lisa Steadman, The Relationship Journalist, www.LisaSteadman.com

“Excellent work! I am thrilled with the results and blown away with the speed and accuracy! Thanks!!!!” 
— Eric Paul, Eric Paul Enterprises

“I had the great fortune to hire Carolyn Sheltraw to design my third book, THE GLOBETROTTER’S GET-GORGEOUS GUIDE: Diet and Beauty Secrets of Beauty and Travel Pros, Traveling Executives ad Celebrity Travelers (Outskirts Press, 2010). I was blown away by her fantastic layout — I was thrilled with the results, and she made my book even more inimitable and adorable with her witty, award-winning designs. I recommend Carolyn with great enthusiasm!” 
— Debbi Karpowicz Kickham

“Carolyn is a great, experienced, talented designer. I loved her work and look forward to doing more projects with her in the future.” 
— Desiree Wilcox, Etellgent Group

“I was referred to Carolyn by a trusted friend, so I knew she would be good, but I had no idea how good! She’s great actually and has become an important part of my business team. Nothing is more important than Marketing in business and I so KNOW how much I can rely on her! She gets intuitive and almost reads my mind of what I want and that is a HUGE relief to me. Before Carolyn, I bounced between artists for years, she is now a rock on my TEAM! Thanks Carolyn!!!” 
— Steve L. Keough, MBA, MCC

“How long does it take to complete a book? Forever apparently, when I’m at the helm. You have been beyond patient and accommodating. I am so grateful that I chose you to design my book. I had NO idea that I could let it drag on as long as I did. Thank you for being you—always supportive, flexible and so insanely patient. Thank you so much! You did a great job!” 
— Acknowledgment excerpt, Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It

“Carolyn Sheltraw was a pleasure to work with. She is responsive, talented and very open to feedback. I am thrilled with the ebook covers that she designed for me.” 
— Delia Chiaramonte, M.D.

“Creativity, confident speed and competitive rates usually do not go together in graphic design work. Carolyn’s work proves otherwise. Thank you for professional and pleasing work.” 
— Amir Saeed, PMP, Agile Span

“Carolyn was a pleasure to work with. She nailed the design concept and worked in a very timely manner. I look forward to working with her again!” 
— Gabe Amey, HomeLoan Financial, HawaiiVALoan.com

“Carolyn dropped out of heaven for me! She is wonderfully creative, gets things done very quickly, and is a dream to work with! I am very particular and detailed and she was very patient and did everything I asked her without complaint.” 
— Yolanda, JCN Inc.


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