I’m Carolyn Sheltraw. I’ve been doing graphic design for nearly 20 years. 

I’ve worked on all types of projects including: ads, book covers and layout, brochures, catalogs, flyers, posters, magazines, menus, newsletters, packaging design, postcards, social media banners, and web design* and development.

Most frequently I am working on book covers and layout, newsletters for print,  and, my favorite, website development.

Paula Lacobara
Disaster Relief at Work (DRAW)

Carolyn Sheltraw is our secret weapon! She is totally professional, extremely talented and gifted, and very fast in her work. Before we began working with Carolyn we had the usual troubles with our documents, presentations, and graphic art needs: slow turn-around, multiple errors, an inability to get what we needed from our artists. That all changed when we began working with Carolyn. She is now our partner and our trusted advisor when it comes to all of our printed and electronic production projects. She is even able to produce our materials and make them look better than we even thought they could. I highly recommend Carolyn and her outstanding work to any business owner who is serious about quality.

Rem Jackson

President and CEO, Top Practices, LLC

Ascend Women
Karena de Souza

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Finding a designer who can interpret your vision is a rare and wonderful gift. When it happens, you can almost feel the energy leap off the page. For me, working with Carolyn has been like having another set of competent hands tending to my child (my business), only better.

Sue Ann Gleason

Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle Design, Well Nourished Woman


*Please note: I am no longer accepting new clients

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*I am no longer accepting entire web design projects, which is a two part process – the design and the development. My focus is working on the second part (the development part) of the process. That means taking the designed page mockups and creating the functional, responsive site online.

Please contact Jessica Lynn Design. She’ll create the awesome designs.
I will then work on the web development part of the project.

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